Women's Crisis Center

  • Adrift no more

    Adrift no more

    A woman at the Crisis Center sleeps on the floor of the overcrowded living area.

  • A peaceful night

    A peaceful night

  • Lay them down to sleep

    Lay them down to sleep

    A mother watches over her children as they sleep in the Crisis Center dorm.

  • Better off here

    Better off here

    Women sleep in the hallway on the floor of the overcrowded Crisis Center.

  • For tomorrow

    For tomorrow

    A mother prepares her children's clothing

  • Aid in many forms

    Aid in many forms

    A woman awaits care in the CWCC clinic.

  • This is home

    This is home

    A bed in a common room is the only private space a family has at the CWCC.

  • Nutrition


    Three meals a day are provided at CWCC.

  • Community bedroom

    Community bedroom

    A bed in a common room is the only personal space each family has.

  • Shelter client

    Shelter client

  • Recreation


    Women spill out of the common room as they watch television in the evening.

  • Meals


    Fish, vegetables and rice are offered for meals.

  • Meal prep

    Meal prep

    Meals are prepared by the women who seek shelter at the CWCC.

  • Explanation


    Because of the high level of illiteracy, medical directions must be explained carefully and monitored.

  • Vocational Training

    Vocational Training

    Young women make boxes as part of the vocational training.

  • Vocational training

    Vocational training

    Vocational training is part of the program at CWCC. These women are silkscreening t-shirts.

  • Vocational Training

    Vocational Training

    Women at the CWCC sew as part of the vocational training program. One of the projects is to make handbags for tourists.

  • Literacy in progress

    Literacy in progress

    A literacy workshop is part of the CWCC program. Pop fiction makes up most of the modest library.

  • Childhood in the shelter

    Childhood in the shelter

    The CWCC Day Care.

  • Leadership


    Chantol, the Director of CWCC, speaks with a woman who has arrived for services.

  • Shared experiences

    Shared experiences

    Two teens who were saved from sex trafficking share friendship at CWCC. They receive counselling and go to school.

  • Above all, a safe space

    Above all, a safe space

    The CWCC is in an undisclosed location and is surrounded by a brick wall. A Wat can be seen beyond the wall nearthe Day Care Center.