Dolores Street Community Services

Dolores Street Community Services nurtures wellness and cultivates collective power among low-income and immigrant communities to create a more just society.

The Middle East Children's Alliance - 30 years of Solidarity

For over 30 years, The Middle East Children's Alliance has been working to improve the lives of children in the Middle East.

Women's Funding Network

Women's Funding Network is the largest philanthropic network in the world devoted to women and girls.

Strength in Numbers - Women's Savings and Loans in Malawi

A Savings and Loans program empowers women to contribute to their household needs, including education for their children and a stronger livelihood for themselves.

  • Photographer Phil Borges invited me to collaborate with him on this project for CARE International.
  • We collaborated on video and photography. Post-Production completed by Phil Borges.

The Middle East Children's Institute

The Middle East Children's Institute transforms a small village with three pillars of support - Childhood Education and Enrichment, Women's Empowerment and Community Development.

Got Choices- Girl Scouts in Detention Centers

In juvenile detention centers participating in the Girl Scouts empowers girls and young women and provides an emotional, social and creative outlet previously unfulfilled.

  • Commissioned by ITVS
  • Director: Annelise Wunderlich
  • Cinematography by S. Smith Patrick

Burns: The Forgotten Crisis