Midwives on the Border

  • The Crossing

    The Crossing

    Many immigrants cross the Rio Grande to complete the journey from Mexico to the United States. An inner tube and discarded clothes are traces of a crossing.

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    The Holy Family Birth Center provides Maternity care to the needy and as an alternative to the health care of the hospital system.

  • Tomorrow


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    Mary brings groceries to Rosa, who lives with her children in trailer home sectioned off for four families.

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    Rosa and her family live in one room of a trailer sectioned off for four families. Her husband abandoned them and she is unable to work.

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    At home with Rosa and her children. Grocery essentials were donated by a Holy Family social worker.

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    Rosa's child has Down's Syndrome and other ailments which require her to receive food through a tube in her stomach. She desperately needs to see a pediatrician.

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    The sink in the trailer in which Ada and her family live.

  • Same space, different worlds

    Same space, different worlds

    HFBC social worker Mary checks in on Ada and her child in the home where they live with the family for whom Ada is the housekeeper.

  • The American Way

    The American Way

    The movie 'Scarface' plays near the baby's crib.

  • We are family

    We are family

    Ada, 21, was welcomed into the home of Leo, 15, and his parents when she was pregnant. She immigrated from El Salvador and works as the family housekeeper.