Israel Builds: At What Cost?

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    The Israeli Jewish birthrate is not rising as quickly as the Palestinian birthrate. Therefore, Jewish immigration to Israel is relied upon to maintain Jewish majority.

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    Apartment complexes in a Tel Aviv suburb.

  • Traces of a former time

    Traces of a former time

    A mineret of a mosque built before 1948 is dwarfed by a new hotel in Tel Aviv.

  • Fear of public places

    Fear of public places

    Despite lulls in violence, there is a looming fear ofsuicide bombings, many of which take place in public places.

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    Ethiopian immigrants at the West Jerusalem minicipality. In 2004, 15,000 Jews immigrated to Israel,, 3,000 from Ethiopia alone.

  • The wall grows

    The wall grows

    The segregation wall costs approximately $4.7 million per kilometer. It destroys vital agricultural areas, allows for the expropriation of water sources, and segregates Palestinians from their land, families, and communities.

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    Residents of the settlement Gilo look over the wall to the confined Palestinian bantustans.

  • Nature's victims

    Nature's victims

    Thousands of Olive trees have been destroyed for the construction of the wall. Olive groves are a primary source of income for some Palestinian farmers.

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    Homogenous homes, commuter traffic, and industrialization defines Israel today, a far cry from the Zionist vision of an agricultural utopia.